The Soap Cinch® delivers unprecedented performance along with a fresh new approach to the standard way of washing. Made from hypoallergenic, 100% hemp; the The Soap Cinch® “single-handedly” raises the “bar” on all other washing devices by providing you with proper exfoliation & cleansing qualities while not requiring you to give up any of the positive results you are accustomed to having. Most The Soap Cinch® users discover unexpected positive results that they either didn't know was possible or didn't know to expect. Performance, Convenience & Versatility all in one – this is what makes the The Soap Cinch® The Next Generation of Bathing!™”
Welcome to the Chadd Padd® - the reusable and disposable refueling bib that protects the vessel’s surface from hose and nozzle damage when refueling as well as catching and containing any spills or overages that may also occur. The patented design affords the Chadd Padd® to be the multi purpose, proactive spill response that protects both the vessel and the environment when petroleum is in play. Because they're also water-proof; feel free to use them in and around the rain, snow, or the marine environment. The Chadd Padd® makes an excellent oil soaker-upper for the bilge (in boats) as well as a general purpose drip mat for just about any petroleum situation